PersonalTelco has been asked to do a "speed geeking" session at the 2005 Portland Penguin Day. I, CalebPhillips, will be representing PersonalTelco at this event. This page is meant to hold some notes about what I will be saying.

General Outline

Penguin Day Focus

Penguin Day is a chance for local Non-Profits to find out about FOSS (and Linux Specifically), and how it can a) improve their business methodology, and b) save them money (the all-important attractor for Non-profits). There are a few points on which PersonalTelco relates to these aims:


I boiled all of this down into a speedy presentation.


The bulleted (who...what...where...why) outline above was stolen verbatim from AaronBaer's excellent outline for his presentation for CHIFOO


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