Name: Peter "Peat" Bakke (
Projects: My hosting business (, electronic music, rock climbing.
Profession: Geek, photographer, web master, and occassional student.
Platforms: My wireless connection is an Apple iBook (dual-USB model, 12") running MacOS X. I don't own a base station .. yet.
Location: Pioneer Courthouse Square Starbucks, Portland, OR.
Home: Portland, Oregon.

(Updated January 27, 2003) I've opened an AP between SE 20th & 23rd, on Main St. I don't know what kind of range my little DLink offers, but I suspect it's no more than 50'. Regardless, feel free to jump on board.

I'm back from New Zealand, and in April I'm leaving for Germany. If you're looking for wireless info in Christchurch, NZ, check out the links below. Now I'm looking for people in Nurmburg / Erlangen, in Germany, who are interested in wireless projects.

My main focus right now is getting my hosting business of the ground.

General ChCh wireless links:

Canterbury University Wireless:

note: not a public network, and you need a proper login/password to use it, just like any other university network computer.

* There are two APs I know of: the first is a very weak link in the IT department parking lot. The second is currently being installed on the 3rd floor of the main library. It's a bummer I'll never get to use it .. sigh.


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