Proposed Mission

"The Policy Committee will recommend policies so that the Personal Telco Project, Inc. can protect itself from liability resulting from illegal, harmful or malicious use of its network or from activities related to installation and management of nodes." -TomOffermann

"The Policy Committee will be a Standing Committee of the Board, existing until 3/9/2005, to be chaired by TomOffermann and populated by at least 2 additional members." -DarrinEden

The Policy Committee will be populated by JerrittCollord, AndrewWoods, MichaelWeinberg and MusashiHybrid.

Initial Discussion

TomFitzgerald likes the idea, but is concerned about another committee bogging down folks time.

AndrewWoods, TomHiggins and JerrittCollord argue that the committee can free most PTP participants' time by handling policy issues that are currently being hashed out in general forums.

TomOffermann wants to focus on legal issues related to Ops Team operated nodes first, as they open PTP to the most liability.

MusashiHybrid offers to solicit opinions on CRIME list.

JerrittCollord prefers asking a trusted individual from the CRIME list, rather than advertising to the whole list.

Policy Links

We've started a list of relevant PolicyLinks.

Background Documentation

TomOffermann provided this proposal to the originally proposed members of the PolicyCommittee (AndrewWoods, JerrittCollord and MichaelWeinberg) via e-mail:

My main interest in helping to create policy is so that the PTP organization can protect itself from liability that results from illegal, harmful, or malicious use of its network, or from our installation and management of PTP nodes.

I also feel that a policy committee would be useful to consider questions about how node owners and node users could protect themselves as well. But, that should be a secondary focus of the Committee, I think.

The key questions I would like to discuss:

Below are my thoughts on these questions. If you won't be able to able to make tomorrow's meeting, please send feedback via email.

Thanks, Tom


As I see it, the purpose of the Policy Committee is not to decide PTP policy. Instead, our purpose should be to consider policies and make recommendations. All policy decisions should be made by the Board and by PTP Members.


Because of the active involvement of the Ops Team on what I call "Ops Nodes", I feel that there is a much greater chance for PTP to be held liable for some kind of "bad activity" on Ops nodes, and so the policy committee should focus first on questions surrounding these nodes.


"Ops Nodes": Nodes that have been installed, and are actively managed by the Ops Team. In the absence of any formal definition, I consider these nodes to include any PTP node with my public SSH key on it.

Private Nodes: Nodes that are official PTP nodes, but that are installed and managed by individual owners.


Installatiion of Ops Nodes

Operation of Ops Nodes

Management of Ops Nodes



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