PTP Short Sleeve Polo

The polo shirt before the logo is applied can cost between $9 and $55. The final pricing will be determined by the quality of polo shirt that is purchased. You will be required to pre-pay for the shirt before it is ordered.

The quote on converting the PersonalTelco logo to stitching and will cost $137. This means that for a minimum order of 12 shirts the cost for stitching alone is $11.42 per shirt.
Shirts will be done by ABCO Marketing Once the logo is converted to stitching it can be used over and over and the cost is only for the apparel and stitching on the appeal.

Polo Shirt Order

Enter your name in the table using the Wiki format. Sizes are all adult and are as follows S, M, L, XL. To help conceal your email address enter it in reverse order like: TLD.DOMAIN@YOURNAME

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