Poynting Antenna's (Pty) Ltd is a South African company which specilizes in RF antenna design. Recently they have started making very cheap (about US$15-$47) antenna's which are reputed to be of good quality.

Pictures of the antenna's and more specs can be found at their USA distributors web site:

Their CEO met with AdamShand and has agreed to work with community networking groups to give us a special discount on antennas. Below are listed the rough prices for their 2.4GHz antennas:

Note: After clarifying with Dale Barnett of dBiPlus Inc, after the 802.11b Conference in Austin, TX last Dec., the following antennas are available at the listed prices to PersonalTelco (prices are slightly higher when purchased otherwise) for orders of a single antenna type. -- Adam Shand (Prices and specs revised 1/10/02 by dBi Plus Inc.)

Netgate (www.netgate.com) also carries Poynting antennas and will match these prices. Send email to sales@netgate.com to identify yourself as a member of the community networking group to receive this pricing. You can view the antennas at http://www.netgate.com/product_antennas.html

YagiAntenna (Directional)

DishAntenna (Very Directional)

PatchAntenna (Kinda Directional)

Mini PatchAntenna (Kinda Directional)


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