PVC Yagi's are much like Pringles can yagi's, but with a piece of pvc pipe instead the Pringles can. PVC is more weather resistant, more drop proof... and it looks less tacky.


Here's a picture of my initial test one (with an attached shoulder strap). it gets about 8dBi. I'm somewhat disappointed, but I think was a bit sloppy in the construction. I'm going to make a smaller one using 1" pvc instead of 2", and I'm also going to make a second, and hopefully more precise large one for rooftop mounting at a friends house.

as soon as i start making those 2, i'll post some real directions complete with pictures.


Very nice! I'm glad someone in Oregon is starting to make antenna's :-) You might want to check out BenSanders stuff, he's been doing a lot of research on building antenna's and knows where to get all kinds of cool (and cheap) stuff for mounting gear. -- AdamShand


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