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If your computing hardware is capable of running Mozilla Firefox or Google Chrome, we recommend installing one of those browsers. Opera and Opera Mini are also pretty decent. Whatever you do, avoid Internet Explorer: it's insecure, inhumane to people who design and program websites, and nothing good will come of it. -- DanRasmussen

Stale Computer Geek Humor

When you have the best thing going it's always nice to make snide comments about everyone else. :-)

However there is a real problem: there are only two browsers which support full CSS functionality. Mozilla and Internet Explorer for the Macintosh. Opera and Konqueror are better than Internet Explorer for Windows but still have their own quirks, at least with our new web site.

Of course it goes with out saying a REAL browser begins and ends with LINKS, either the old, the El-LUA offshoot or the new best RealBrowser of all time LINKS HACKED

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