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Running snmpd On A PTP Node

What is snmpd?

snmpd is a SNMP (Simple Network Management Protocol) daemon that responds to requests for information about a host and responds with that information. Many different types of information can be returned, including information about processes running, disk space, load average, uptime, and bandwith usage.

Why would I want snmpd running on my PTP Node?

To measure bandwith usage. Setting up snmpd allows you to be included on this MRTG-like page, which shows the bandwidth utilization for various PTP nodes.

How can I install snmpd?

You'll want a package of snmpd, which may be called "UCD SNMP" or "Net SNMP", among others. On Debian systems, you can simply run "apt-get install snmpd". If you can't find a package, you can find more information and get the source code from the Net SNMP website.

How do I configure snmpd to allow PTP to measure bandwidth usage?

(These instructions are for Net-SNMP running on Linux.)

snmpd can be restricted in various ways. For example, it can be restricted so that it doesn't respond to requests from outside a LAN, or so that it only responds to request for certain types of information and not others.

We're going to configure snmpd so that it only responds to requests from and provides read-only access to all information. In just 3 easy steps...


I configured snmpd and it's running. Now what?

Contact TomOffermann and send the following information:

Once I receive your information, I'll add you to the system and you'll soon see your node's bandwidth usage on

-- TomOffermann


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