Name: Todd B. Aschoff Email: Homepage: Node Info: nothing yet, but we'll get there.

I've not successfully downloaded the Ubuntu - over 2 hours. Any CD's out there in hand?

Well here it is Mr. Eden. I went to, started downloading the 'warty" and grrriind, I thinks me data put the breaks on everyone's party, AND the download manager said it would be, oh, 1 day and 13 hours (this time was stable, it didn't reduce) so I'll try at a more convenient time, or Urban Grind it.

thanks for the hard work, and the scholarship. Free PTP passes to my next two gigs, 21 Jan at the Fez for "Duran Duran Night" all DD all night. If the 80's teeth grinding thing doesn't float boat, 22 Jan my Cajun - zydeco band plays Mississippi PPub, 9pm. No cover for PTP execs.


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