DefCon: http://www.defcon.org/
Where: http://www.alexispark.com/ The Alexis Park Hotel
375 E. Harmon, Las Vegas, NV 800-582-2228
When: Aug 2,3,4 2002


If you are planning on going to defcon/would like to go to defcon, please list yourself here.

ForrestEnglish, i'd like to go, but i can't drive and all that. i'd be more than happy to pay for gas and stuff (oh, and i live in ashland, you can stop here for an e-mail break ;).
DonPark, I found a bunch of SWA money that Im going to use to fly down
LucasSheehan, I want to go. I must put AdamShand in his place durring our drinking competition. Mmmmmmmmmmm.....beer.
AdamShand is going cause he's speaking there on wireless something or other. :-) He will compete with Lucas but already acknowledges his likely defeat.
ErikWalthinsen is planning on going, esp if the van goes
MikeGuthrie Tentatively Going, but I will probably fly and meet you in LAS depends on what I can work out at work.




Wed July 31

Leave PDX, Driving day 1

Thu Aug 1

Driving Day 2

Fri Aug 2

DefCon Day 1

Sat Aug 3

DefCon Day 2

Sun Aug 4

DefCon Day 3

Mon Aug 5

Leave LAS, Driving day 1

Tue Aug 6

Driving day 2


Those driving will likely convoy together for safety and sanity. Since this is a group of wireless geeks, we'll probably have an 802.11b network running between all vehicles with passengers, including IRC and possibly VoIP. FRS radios would be a very good thing to have, since they work where cell phones won't, and have longer range than 802.11...

There will be people from other groups who may want to join the convoy. Seattle Wireless, Ashland OR, Bay Area. Do we want to start an 'official' Community Wireless DefCon-X convoy? Do we want to try to sync up with any of the existing convoys going to DefCon?


Total Distance: 1143.04 miles Total Estimated Time: 19 hours, 48 minutes

Assume the van gets 11 miles per gallon, 2300 miles is 209 gallons. $1.50 per gallon is $312. Two people go in the van and thats $156 each.


4pm Mon June 10, I called the alexis park hotel. rooms are available for defcon. $129.71 a night for up to four people in a room.


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