If you have used the Personal Telco network and have anything to say (good or bad) please leave a comment here. Just click "Edit" and start typing!

Well what do you know, these wireless nodes all throughout the city are useful. I just received a call from a friend to look up some info on the net for him while I was driving down Sandy. So here I sit at Dan Richardson's node, I hopped on the net found the info and I will be back on the road shortly. Took about 5min of my time and saved me a trip back home. Thanks Dan and everyone else.

This is my first posting to this list. I'm sending you mail from Starbucks in Pioneer Square. I have to tell you it feels so strange using the internet in public. It just never happens. It's really cool! Mail, web, yahoo IM, AOL IM are all working just fine. Response is good. Feels like I'm at home. Linux (Mandrake 8.0), Dell wireless card (airo-4800) I don't have tools to measure signal strength. I started a download just to check speed. Seems to be around 67KB/sec. Not bad at all. Setup was really easy. No problems. My thanks to the people supplying the inernet connection, hardware and the will.


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