Voltage Standing Wave Ratio

From: http://www.antennex.com/preview/vswr.htm

Early in electronics you learned that to get maximum power into a load required that the load impedance match the generator impedance. Any difference, or mismatching, of these impedance would not produce maximum power transfer. This is true of antennas and transmitters as well but, except for handie-talkies, most antennas are not connected directly to a transmitter. The antenna is usually located some difference from the transmitter and requires a feedline to transfer power between the two. If the feedline has no loss, and matches BOTH the transmitter output impedance AND the antenna input impedance, then - and only - then will maximum power be delivered to the antenna. In this case the VSWR will be 1:1 and the voltage and current will be constant over the whole length of the feedline. Any deviation from this situation will cause a "standing wave" of voltage and current to exist on the line.


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