If you are looking for second hand wireless gear this is a good place to list it, if you are trying to sell gear please use the ForSale page.

Please remember to list your name, date, contact info and what you are looking for.

Example: AdamShand
Contact: adam@spack.org ICQ: 253483
Date: 1 May 2001
Looking for a cheap access point that supports external antenna connectors and bridged mode.

Contact: bren@pintglass.org
Date: 15 October 2001
Looking for a cheap AP...whatcha got?

Contact: bl@pobox.com
Data: 14 May 2001
Looking for a wireless card for my laptop. I have no experience with this stuff yet, but would like to become involved. I'm a new subscriber to the BAWUG list and have been listening to the discussion intently.

Contact: mis@seiden.com
Date: 14 May 2001
Looking for a CISCO PCM342 or 352 card. i.e. PCMCIA 802.11 card US model. Or a CISCO PCMCIA 340 card that can handle an external antenna.


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