Location: LinuxFund

Date: 18 March 2003
Planned Start Time:7 PM

Actual Start Time: PM

Facilitator: Lucas Sheehan
Scribe: Eugene Keam
Role call:


ptp weekly 03-18-2003

Time: 7 pm
Venue: linux fund
Scribe: EugeneKeam

Attendence: AaronJohnson, AdamShand, BrianBeattie, EugeneKeam, StevenSchroedl, DatNguyen, LonnieWormley, LucasSheehan, NatPowning, TomOfferman, JerrittCollord

1. website nav, content and features

AdamShand - front page clean up, don't like multiword too long, get started or get connected or login to ptp wiki and learn more, simplify more

AaronJohnson - button bars one line

AdamShand - yes css, white borders removed, snug, munged the css or html the other way, wiki is just a template, put this up on the ptp site, tune it, get consensus, tweak it further

AaronJohnson - tom wants feedback and we're getting the most productive feedback now, need a roll out date

AdamShand - images on background problems, it has one static background image

LonnieWormley - css syntax errors, mozilla freaks out

AdamShand - wiki on ie6 can't make it supposed to look

DatNguyen - working with pcc and psu students to propose design solutions

AdamShand - nav bars on left need consistency, link to wiki could be different, should make the wiki part look different

StevenSchroedl - if it's an image same but text rendered differently, doing it in images gives more consistency

AdamShand - consistent nav, proofread actual verbiage, shorter words

LucasSheehan - consistent maps

AaronJohnson - did the wiki have the same left side template, like you are now into the wiki differentiation

AdamShand - reason for left nav on because for specific page of date like net stumbler

AaronJohnson - can leave the wiki there

AdamShand - search engine considerations, how does a user get out, looking for portland wireless page but not necessarily useful for them, stats show that 20 pages that get 10s of thousands to our site, falling into disrepair in the last six months

AaronJohnson - wiki is still serving a purpose

AdamShand - we can do something much simpler, front page tweaked first then other pages optimal

LonnieWormley - wiki in and out easier

AaronJohnson - make it understood that you are deep inside wiki

LonnieWormley - bottom link can be a wiki link

StevenSchroedl - anyone familiar with file include and cgi scripts

AdamShand - when you click edit, entire content of page is stored, everything else is a template wrapper

AaronJohnson - beta site deadline due for the march monthly

AdamShand - get feedback from monthly folks and then more critique and rollout discussion at the following weekly, incorporate final details, need the footer which has copyright with press kit, should have a link to maps

LonnieWormley - text nav at bottom

AdamShand - links to contact us page, wiki contact page most likely

2. bewitched version 0.2

BrianBeattie - basically fixing prob with pio to upgrade to latest, probably easier to version 0.2, one thing that will happen nocat move from /usr/local to /usr, debian doesn't use /usr/local

LucasSheehan - include 11g patch?

AaronJohnson - did send a link

DatNguyen - tom higgins mentioned it

BrianBeattie - need to decide splash page, seperate package for splash and ip table stuff

AaronJohnson - ip table stuff just throttle script?

BrianBeattie - include in a ptp debian package

AaronJohnson - specific to each installation?

BrianBeattie - generic and can be customized, got the host ap package doing it already

AaronJohnson - ptp question can be kept to a minimum, many questions asked, took images you had and rebooted on urban grind

BrianBeattie - used the same on a clone army box, problem with pcm related

AdamShand - urban grind down now?

AaronJohnson - they understand reboots, bring it back to a known state

AdamShand - do you need me to build kernel packages?

AaronJohnson - can rebuild by tonight with some assistance

BrianBeattie - basically i'm gonna go to 0.2, what to test it on

AdamShand - suggested urban grind

BrianBeattie - build it tonight, after nine rebuild

AdamShand - would like to see it rolled on urban grind first, then pioneer remote upgrade later

AaronJohnson - i have a cf for testing, dd the thing up and splatter on a cf, okay rtfm, this has a pc card

BrianBeattie - don't use ddram, you need to linux on that powerbook, official 0.2 won't be out until this weekend, once urban grind then crank up the others

AaronJohnson - any feedback on bewitched from NatPowning?

LonnieWormley - no news is good

3. adhocracy tender update

DarrinEden - AdamShand put together a flow for node building, trying to build software to assist that, creating a trust network that calculates master/apprentice communication and selection, ability to choose the tender the offer, no centralized management to regulate this, you bastard aaron, adam gave me the workflow, DarrinEden going through the workflow now, picked a framework that my brother created, does a clean seperation from developer roles and app logic, all the code is at cvs, three projects, using python-xml-sql, someone can change the database schemas without interference, framework built upon jpublish

DatNguyen - breakdown neighborhoods into districts, i'll break it down

AaronJohnson - add a new neighborhood

DarrinEden - this is real time development

AdamShand - everybody rates eachother on a peer to peer basis, three levels of mastery, can see who has rated others, math creates work of god, rates your rating, based on feedback from your peers, these people are master node builders, master can speak for the potential node owners, tenders go to masters and then masters pick apprentices, later apprentices get rated after installation

DarrinEden - in progress, please contribute, code is open, i'll keep production running, adhocracy moving into gis stuff

AdamShand - adhocracy is a term for an informal formal process/procedure

AaronJohnson - scales much better if we continue this way

DON'T FORGET: Next week there is no weekly due to the monthly meeting. When is it exactly? Put a link to the monthly meeting agenda here. DatNguyen is the round table moving forward?

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