Location: Linux Fund

Date: 1/4/2003
Planned Start Time:6:30 PM

Actual Start Time: ??? PM

Scribe: ??? PM
Role call:


Personal Telco Meeting April Fools meeting.

Lucas- 501c3 update.

IRS has pointed out conecens about the 501c3. Lucas and Adam are working on addressing the concerns

_ Brian Beattie

Node maintenance

brian e-mailed ops what he want to be added to the Witch

could not get good notes 3 people were talking at the same time.

Dat need to contact Brain _

Adhocracy --

Darrin- Having trouble with servlets and need help.

Dat - Don comes back some time next week may be he could help.

Darrin - need help in the database Schema

Aaron bare -- I can help with the database schema

Adam - Would a Adhocracy work in the PTP website workflow.

Darrin -- workflow of this would work with adding content at this time.


Drew ---

splash page upgrade

very nice splash page.

drew fix the spash page . have posted to


Personal Telco front page.

Need help with Server side includes.

Personal Telco Front page

take out the tower from the back ground

fix some border issues.

Aslo work on adding more content.


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