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* Let's toss around some thoughts on a new database for storing node info, and what is needed for in-house and public consumption. MichaelWeinberg

<dje> luckymike: you have the floor
<luckymike> keegan tom and I went around about this the other day
<luckymike> and then we got the timely message from casey
<keegan> collord has resumed doing actual work on that
<keegan> in response to casey's message
<keegan> at least on a basic level
<keegan> par examplar
<dje> luckymike: you still have the floor
<luckymike> I hope we'll have a good discussion of this at the monthly
<keegan> not likely, it's a bit early
<dje> shall we move it to the monthly agenda?
<luckymike> but in advance of that, I'd like some talking points about what we need in such a DB
<keegan> i recommend you contact him directly or post on the related thread on general if you have thoughts
<dje> luckymike: you still have the floor
<keegan> the db exists already
<luckymike> keegan: I'm not just looking at Casey's
<keegan> i'm not talking about casey's.
<keegan> i am talking about ours, on bone, in postgresql.
<luckymike> oh
<luckymike> well, in anycase, that's not what I'm referring to
<luckymike> I'm referring to a publicly available, perhaps searchable, DB
<luckymike> a replacement for nodeDB
<keegan> you're referring to an interface to the database which exists, i think
<luckymike> sure, if you want to call it that
<keegan> minor terminology gap
<luckymike> my impression is that the jury isn't totally in on whether we'd be considering a redone DB as well
<dje> luckymike: you still have the floor
<musashi> why replace nodedb?
<luckymike> well, for many reasons
<luckymike> it's not open source, as we had expected when we first signed on
<musashi> ic
<luckymike> the lat/long coordinates that it's mapping software gives don't jive with a gps, and as such as "fog of war" as tomwsmf put it
<luckymike> it's pretty ugly
<musashi> just curious why the wheel was broken. thx.
<luckymike> sure
<luckymike> it's my feeling that we don't need everything that nodeDB offers in our public interface
<loraksus> not to sound critical, but should we even think of doing it before we finish doing the usage db stuff?
<luckymike> well, I think that there is still a question about actually doing it or not
<keegan> yes, to avoid having to rethink the usage db stuff at a later time :)
<loraksus> I see
<keegan> especially since there's already the basis of an implementation
<luckymike> and we don't really know what "it" is yet
<luckymike> one way to look at it is that it would be best to put out publicly available interface energies towards, and get ours listed as Personal Telco Nodes, instead of Independant
<luckymike> that would give us more brand recognition in the same arena as T-Mobile and the like
<luckymike> out=our
<keegan> i'm afraid i think that is much better suited for that sort of application
<dje> luckymike: you still have the floor
<luckymike> I think it's a better way to find a ptp node
<keegan> the undefined "it" is better than that page?
<keegan> perhaps it's time you defined your understanding of "it"
<luckymike> it is a means to look for nodes with a web interface

Resolved Business

Old Business (Change 01/13/04) Contact as been made with Casey Halverson. The data scheme is being looked at.

make more sense? DonPark replies that idea could work too for hotspots that dont overlap. And so the tech rant went flring on until various things were thrown at the participants.


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