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DarrinEden - PTU -, The PTU will be a set of clases that will train members on the all Matters PTP from the history, philosophy, technology and skills. We are about to finalize the reservation for a classroom at Portland Statue University to start classes on Sept 13 for 8 consecutives Mondays (6:30 to 8 pm). Students are to be picked by the area captains, 3 each so 15 students for the first round of 8 class.

StephaneChatre - Stephane invited many of the members who filled out the volutneer forms over the last couple of Monthlies. About 7 or 8 showed up to this weekly willing to help out with the tasks that need doing. We use a ticket tracking system called RT to show the issues we have open, the priorities and track who is working on what. The issues that need working on now are...

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