Place and time: Old Town Pizza, 226 NW Davis, 14 September 2005
Scribe: KeeganQuinn
Scheduled Time: 14-September-2005 Start: 18:30:00 PDT End: 19:30:00 PDT

Roll call: DonPark, KeeganQuinn, CalebPhillips, RussellSenior, MichaelWeinberg



DonPark reports that there has been no progress regarding new colocation setup; still waiting on Integra.

RussellSenior brought a MiniPCI-PCI adapter. It's nifty.

Pioneer Square is back up. We (TylerBooth, MichaelWeinberg and KeeganQuinn) tested it. It seems to work. Logo needs to be updated to signify the new sponsor.

Some discussion about the City of Portland RFP.

Member roster discussion; Adhocracy is being reworked in Rails. Further discussion pending.

Mississippi discussion. New potential nodes to the North and Southwest of the NAYA installation. Usage stats would be very useful! Consensus reached upon installing an additional system at NAYA to handle routing duties, since buick is incapable of running a captive portal. buick will be left on the network to handle future server functions.

Discussion about national/international wireless efforts; people seem to think hosting a summit or event of some type in Portland would be cool. Unable to reach consensus about what would actually be discussed or accomplished at such an event... Further discussion likely.


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