Netgear WGT634U-based Network Stumbler

The Jason McArthur Version

As early as the summer or early autumn of 2005, JasonMcArthur began working on a Netgear WGT634U-based stumbler device, based on OpenWgt and a 2.4.20 kernel.

The Russell Senior Version

In early March of 2006, RussellSenior began sponging off of JasonMcArthur's work and assistance. Eventually, because he didn't have access to JasonMcArthur's build environment, and because he was seeing some problems that he didn't understand and needed to fiddle with, he began diverging from JasonMcArthur's image, and began playing with an OpenWrt-derived stumbler instead, principally because he understood how to build packages using its buildroot environment.

This is a description of how RussellSenior goes about building a stumbler device based on the NetgearWgt643u and OpenWrt. This is experimental software. Follow these instructions at your own risk.


Building OpenWrt Software

Currently, I am using the kamikaze svn tree. This description is based on the already obsolete r9512.

cd /src/openwrt
git clone git://
git clone git://
mkdir build
cd openwrt
git clone -l -s . ../build/r9512
cd ../build/r9512
ln -s /src_archive/openwrt/dl .  # an existing archive of downloaded packages
cd package
for i in $(find ../../../packages -type d | grep -v .svn | awk -F/ 'NF==6') ; do echo $i ; ln -s $i $(echo $i | awk -F/ '{ print $6 }') ; done

Right now there are two tweaks I am doing to the stock trunk. One is that I am upgrading kismet to 2007-10-R1 and I am using a tweaked svn gpsd. If you disable enough stuff and reduce array sizes enough the current gpsd is usable. I am working on getting these accepted into openwrt. In the meantime, please contact me for my patches.

cd /src/openwrt/build/r9512
make menuconfig
make V=99

In the menuconfig, I set the Target System to (Broadcom BCM947xx/953xx [2.6]), and for kicks I also "Select all packages by default" and enable a few things (which I am currently forgetting) that don't automatically get configured in. Often, you will find packages that won't build for some reason or another. In those cases, open a ticket, deconfigure the package in menuconfig and try again. Run make alone to see abbreviated messages, or make V=99 to get lots of information. The configuration I used for r9512 can be found here.

When the build is complete, the resulting files will be found thusly:

Now, you can copy the ipkg repository somewhere wget'able, e.g.:

rsync -v -a -H /src/openwrt/build/r9512/bin/packages/

Checking out the WGT634U

If this is a new device, it is probably a good idea to check it out on the stock firmware first to make sure it functions.

The Flash Environment

There is more than one way to flash the newly-built image onto the WGT634U.

CFE TFTP Flash-From-Console Method

This is the method I tend to use. For this, you will need a TFTP server and a serial console cable. On my debian/unstable box, I use the tftpd-hpa package.


mv /etc/init.d/httpd /etc/init.d/httpd_

cd /tmp
cd /
tar xzvf /tmp/r9512-extra-files.tar.gz

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