WifiBoxMakers strive to design, build and promote, ever-more-ubiquitous and effective WifiBoxes.

WifiBoxMakers enjoy, value, and are interested in technology but they never forget that the goal is to make the technology so ClearAndSimple that the technology can be taken for granted by WifiBox Users.

-- JonSchull

Should we actively encourage other folks to make and sell wifi boxes? Maybe we could get trademark or other branding protection on a particularly user-painless instance of a wifi box. This is exactly what Red Hat does in the Linux world, it's a complex product but they hide as much complexity as possible, and give you a resource for tech support.

Like Red Hat, much of what we're actually selling is OpenSource.

Red Hat's branding issues include protecting the brand name. People who burn and sell CDROMs are supposed to label the CDROMs so that it's obvious they're not from Red Hat, because Red Hat offers a little tech support to people who pay for the shrink-wrapped package.

-- WillWare


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