What is a WikiWord. Well for one, WikiWord is a wiki word. A wiki word is an automated internal linking system on a wiki site. When editing a page just type a word like normal, but one that has at least two capitals, including the first letter. When you are finished editing the page you can click on that word and go to that page (and create it if it doesn't exist). So for example if I sign a page with my wiki name: ColinDabritz any user can click it and see my homepage. If you use a wikiword for your login name (see UserPreferences in the upper left) then it will be shown in the list of RecentChanges and we can see who did what easily.

Wiki words have some quirks. They don't automatically link phrases that are squashed together that have blocks of capitals. So "NotALink" doesn't work, but "ThisIsaLink" works just fine.


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