Wireless Radio Tower Locator Updated Sun Mar 4 20:26:10 CST 2001 (129332 entries) This site will display maps of any wireless radio tower in the USA that is registered with the FCC. You can enter information into one or more of the following text entry boxes then press the find button. The state and city must match exactly if entered but the company can be a partial company name. The wildcard character is the percent sign (%). For example you can enter MN for the state and st% for the city and you'll get all cities in minnesota that start with st! The nearby matches link will find towers that are within approximately 10, 20, 50, 100 miles of that particular tower. http://www.berkana.com/tower.php3

-- LonnieWormley

Here's another one: 10000watts.com Sometimes the site's down but it provides a comprehensive list of many FM towers throughout the U.S.

-- KoryMohr

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