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i've been working on WantedPages. i've been working on WantedPages and CategoryPortland.

BRhttp://gay-robot.com/~aml/drewglasses1.jpg BR Email: [mailto:drew@entropy.net drew at entropy . net]BR Node info: wiki:NodeId:127

I'm from wiki:Spack:AnchorageAlaska. Now, obviously, I'm in PortlandOregon.

i'm slowly moving toward establishing a PublicAccessPoint at 39th and powell, next to the safeway. ideal coverage includes the starbucks there, mocha express, and the blockbuster across powell.

i now have an unmodified RG-1000. if you're my neighbor, feel free to leech my 56k modem! Try to avoid deleting all of my mp3s. hah.

i've been working on WantedPages and CategoryPortland.

you can read my crappy blog (don't worry, i never talk about my inane life) at http://aml.livejournal.com/.

here is a list of stuff with my name on it:


the best: BR http://www.twinkies.com/images/capt1.jpg

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