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This page documents my install of BeWitched
-- LonnieWormley

Load the image files

  • Currently the image files are located on a private server. When the location is moved to a PersonalTelcoProject server I will updae this page

  • The image file rescue.serial.bin does not allow keyboard use from the serial client.
  • I have to connect a keyboard to hit enter to start the install.
  • The boot process hangs uncompressing the Linux image.

Release File error

NetSaint Errors

  • The apt-get install netsaint-plugins did not work. I used the packages below.
  • netsaint-statd-plugins 2.15-1
    • netsaint_statd plugins
  • netsaint-statd-server 2.15-1
    • the netsaint_statd daemon (server portion)


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