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 === Meeting Notes ===
=== Meeting Notes ===

Meeting Information

Location: RoseAndRaindrop (RnR)BR Date: 12th December 2005BR Time: 7 PM to 9 PMBR Scribe: RobertPetersenBR Board of Director Attendees: DonPark, RobertPetersen and TroyJaqua BR Advisory Board Attendees: KeeganQuinn, MichaelWeinberg, TomHiggins BR

Yearly Board of Directors meeting


  • The annual meeting will take place at RnR! 12th of December 2005 at 7:00 PM

Meeting Proceedure

  • Same as BoardMeeting20021121

  • All PTP meetings are open to everyone and will have an agenda and meeting minutes will be taken and posted to the web site. The main PTP mailing list will be notified of the meeting minutes with a link to the web site.
  • Anyone can attend a Board of Directors meeting or an Advisory Board meeting as a visitor and not a participnant.
  • Visitors may observe the meeting in progress, but may only interact with the meeting attendees after the meeting
  • Anyone that is interested in getting items on the meeting agenda are encouraged to contact the Board of Directors or Advisory Board members before the meeting.

Agenda Items

Previously tabled items

  • ..

State of the organization

  • ..


  • ..

Mississippi Grant

  • ..

Suggested Goals for 2006

  • More Local Content Projects

Meeting Notes

  • Attendance: TroyJaqua DonPark RobertPetersen

  • 7:12 Meeting to order
  • 7:15 Direction for the next year?
    • Don: Education and roofnet/mesh technologies
    • Troy: Continue to use and experiment with consumer hardware
    • Robert: Attorney Debt and liability issues.
  • 7:17 Don spoke with Tom Jones from DWT concerning current bill who indicated he would speak with Milt Stewart (lead council).
  • 7:26 Vote to remain a Federal Non-profit. Aye
  • 7:27 Officially announce Troy Jaqua as PTP's treasurer.
  • 7:30 Liability: The need for signed waivers for installers and participants. It's agreed that a waiver should be developed and an addition would be added to the by-laws.
  • 7:45 Troy mentions that filing 9900EZ would be of assistance in obtaining future funding and agrees to follow-up.
  • Ongoing discussion of definition as to whether donated hardware is the responsibility of the organization or the node owner.
  • Meeting adjourned.


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