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=== Agenda Items ===

'''Previously tabled items'''
 * ..

'''State of the organization'''
 * ..

 * ..

'''Suggested Goals for 2007'''
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  * DonPark
  * RussellSenior
  * CalebPhillips
  * DonPark, President
  * RussellSenior, Secretary
  * CalebPhillips, Member

Meeting Information

Location: NodeLuckyLab BR Date: 6th December 2006 BR Time: 6:30 PM to 8 PMBR Scribe: BR Board of Director Attendees: BR Advisory Board Attendees: BR

Yearly Board of Directors meeting


  • The annual meeting will take place at the SE Lucky Lab Brewery.

Meeting Proceedure

  • Same as BoardMeeting20021121

  • All PTP meetings are open to everyone and will have an agenda and meeting minutes will be taken and posted to the web site. The main PTP mailing list will be notified of the meeting minutes with a link to the web site.
  • Anyone can attend a Board of Directors meeting or an Advisory Board meeting as a visitor and not a participant.
  • Visitors may observe the meeting in progress, but may only interact with the meeting attendees after the meeting
  • Anyone that is interested in getting items on the meeting agenda are encouraged to contact the BoardOfDirectors or AdvisoryBoard members before the meeting.

Meeting Notes

  • 7:08 pm: Meeting called to order, in attendance:
  • 7:09 pm: DonPark declares a quorum is present

  • 7:10 pm: Russell moves that CalebPhillips be appointed to the BoardOfAdvisors, DonPark seconds. Motion carries unanimously.

  • 7:12 pm: CalebPhillips joins the BoardOfAdvisors

  • 7:14 pm: Second order of business is to enact bylaws. Discussion ensues.
  • 7:17 pm: Russell moves that the optional provisions of the bylaws be considered not adopted (in lieu of evidence to the contrary), Don seconds. Motion carries.
  • 7:21 pm: Russell moves the remaining articles of the bylaws be considered in force. Don seconds. Motion carries.
  • 7:24 pm: Discussion of provision of food and drink ensues.
    • Don suggests that we budget approximately the amount earned through adsense income on a monthly basis.
    • Russell thinks that puts an acceptable limit on it.
    • Caleb thinks we should use it as a marketing idea to encourage participation. If it is just the same three tired faces, he is less sanguine.
  • Russell moves that we adopt a resolution stating that organizational expenditures for food and drink at meetings is an acceptable use of funds, within reason and primarily to encourage particiption. Don seconds. Motion carries.
  • Don reports that our corporate status with the state has been reinstated.
  • Discussion of the http://www.personaltelco.net/calendar/ ensues. We can blow that away, keeping the wiki calendar. Don wants to look into upcoming.org.

  • Russell notes the need to renew our 501(c)(3) status before April 1, 2007.
  • Discussion of vandalism. Don and Russell agree that some forgiveness of the Jason Graham debt is appropriate if our gear does not fail this winter, commensurate with the claimed value of the gear at risk.
  • 8:05 pm: Unanimous agreement to remain a 501(c)(3).
  • 8:07 pm: Discussion spending priorities.
    • Caleb suggests we prioritize spending for gear to extend existing wireless networks.
    • Russell and Don thinks that sounds like a fine idea.
  • 8:13 pm: Board Meeting is adjourned.

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