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'''Location:''' BridgePort[[BR]] '''Location:''' BridgePort<<BR>>
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'''Date:''' 03 March 2003 [[BR]]
'''Planned Start Time:'''7:00 PM [[BR]]
'''Date:''' 03 March 2003 <<BR>>
'''Planned Start Time:'''7:00 PM <<BR>>
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'''Actual Start Time:''' 7:50 PM [[BR]] '''Actual Start Time:''' 7:50 PM <<BR>>
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'''Scribe:''' LonnieWormley[[BR]] '''Scribe:''' LonnieWormley<<BR>>
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AlinaJensen, DatNguyen, LonnieWormley, EugeneKeam[[BR]] AlinaJensen, DatNguyen, LonnieWormley, EugeneKeam<<BR>>
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[CategoryMeetingNotes][[BR]] [CategoryMeetingNotes]<<BR>>


Location: BridgePort

Date: 03 March 2003
Planned Start Time:7:00 PM

Actual Start Time: 7:50 PM

Scribe: LonnieWormley
Role call:

AlinaJensen, DatNguyen, LonnieWormley, EugeneKeam


  • Node finances and installation
  • Flower Project
  • Hardware sales
  • Dues
  • Website
  • Node support


  • Node finances and installation
  • Flower Project
    • This is the code word for a node that is in the making.
    • Alina and Eugene are assigned to work on this and are planning an initial contact meeting.
  • Dues
    • PersonalTelcoProject having money freaks some people out

    • Non-profits can have money. Non-profits can sell items. Non-profits can pay salaries.
    • Dues Survey
      • Lonnie has the action item for developing a dues survey
      • Questions would focus on gathering data about the willingness to pay dues.
      • Survey would list some uses for the dues
  • Website
    • A team of web designers will re-design www.personaltelco.net website
    • Dat Nguyen will contact the web designers that have already expressed a desire to work on the project.
    • Main website will be static HTML.
    • The technical wiki, drupal will be moved to another URL and linked to from the main page.
    • The PersonalTelcoProject board will approve all changes to the web site.

      • A team will be formed to make the updates under the direction of the board.
  • Node Support
    • Node owners are like PersonalTelcoProject customers. Each new node owner will sign and agree to the terms of support that will be presented with a node proposal.

    • Site survey forms will be developed by Eugene to help docment customer requirements during a site survey.
  • The site survey notes will be used to create a proposal similar to the one that TomOffermann developed.

Next meeting:



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