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'''Node Info:''' Interested, and I just got my first WiFi card; a Senao 200mW[[BR]] '''Node Info:''' Senao 200mW[[BR]]
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Name: Chad Patteson BR Homepage: http://tiltshift.com/ BR Contact: http://tiltshift.com/cgi-bin/form/comments.shtm or chad at tiltshift dot com. BR Node Map: http://www.nodedb.com/unitedstates/or/portland/view.php?nodeid=133 BR Node Pictures: http://tiltshift.com/network/ BR Node Info: Senao 200mWBR Location: As of Aug. 2002, 59th and Klickitat (near Freemont) in NE Portland BR


Experieced with: GPS geocaching, photography (including 360-deg. panoramas) / videography, Omni-Sky for Palm, Windoze 3.1 to 2000, Macintosh 7.5 to OS X, basic *nix, Palm OS, basic Perl scripts, fighting spam, print and Web design, FreeGeek, audio software and hardware, playing music (bass guitar and drums), making music using computers, J.R. "Bob" Dobbs, journalism, sailing, aviation, and world domination.

I have the Senao 200mW, a small Maxrad 4db omni antenna, and a Unisys CloneArmy box. I still need to figure out a rooftop setup (Pelican case?). My goal is to get a house-to-house link, have fun learning, teach anyone who wants to have fun, and subvert the dominant paradigm.


p.s. remember, [http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&q=%22the+airwaves+belong+to+the+people%22 "the airwaves belong to the people"].

Update: 29-Aug-2002 -- A few hours ago I attended the PTP meeting, bough my first wireless card and now at midnight I couldn't resist trying it out. Here I am at the corner of Market St. and Park, somewhere near the Park Blocks node, and I'm SURFING friggin' WIRELESSLY!@#@! Thanks PTP crew!

The funky list of all the pages that have my name on them:


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