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[http://www.nodedb.org/unitedstates/or/portland/view.php?nodeid=18&zoom=4 Node Info] [[http://www.nodedb.org/unitedstates/or/portland/view.php?nodeid=18&zoom=4|Node Info]]

Colin Dabritz's Wiki Homepage

Name: ColinDabritz

Node Info

email: colin@dabritz.org

homepage: http://www.dabritz.org

I currently have a Linksys Wap11 access point, and have purchased an old laptop to use as a nocat box like device. I may get the money for an antenna setup this summer, and then it should be a newbie workshop or playday away from being up and running.

I got involved in PTP from the article in computer bits. I found out I was close to node 12 AdamShand. I called him and we talked, and I got involved in ptp from there. I left for a while to be in school and followed the mailing list for a bit, and recently got back into ptp.

I got ispiried about the idea of using a PhasedArray. Read my brain dump there.. :) the company vivato has managed to implement a comercial phased array for the low low price of only $50,000 for the indoor version. Lets hope it gets cheaper from there.. yikes. Also I started to document a mobile AP idea. it was backpackap but wiki droped the AP. OOPS! so now its BackPackAp.


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