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Here we're trying to maintain a list of companies that provide commercial wireless services or products.

Wireless ISP's

  • Sweden
    • Telia

      • Serves more than 100 hotels, train stations & airports in Sweden, will expand to 300 locations in 2001.

  • United States (interstate providers)
    • Air2Lan:

      • A broadband ISP, plans to use unlicensed bands at 2.4 GHz, 5.8 GHz and 900 MHz for 128K-4Mbps using OFDM modulation in 40 markets by 2003.

    • Air2Web:

      • Holiday Inn's corporate parent, Bass Hotels, will provide travelers with information in more than 3,000 hotels using wireless PDAs or phones from Verizon or Sprint like GPRS/Bluetooth models from Ericsson or Nokia.

    • Global Digital:

      • Kiosks and wireless access points in Boston and Philadelphia airports with 35 planned in 2001
    • MobilStar

      • Working with Starbucks and Microsoft, will provide 5,000 coffee shops around the country. Also has 150 hotel and airport locations including Dallas-Ft Worth, Austin, JFK (American gate) and member lounges.
      • Surf and Sip

        • About 50 restaurants and cafes in SF plus LA and Kentucky. Plans to expand to 1,000 locations including Portland, Seattle, and San Diego by late 2001.
    • WayPort

      • Serves Sea/Tac, Austin and Dallas/Ft-Worth and 150 hotels. Plans
        • to expand to 550 hotels by June, 2001.
  • United States (by state)
    • California, San Francisco
      • AirWave

        • Serves about 75 restaurants, bookstores and cafes in San Francisco. National expansion planned.
    • Oregon, Portland
      • Millenicom (+1 503 768 3063)

      • Kondooit Broadband They operate all communications at The Weatherly Building (see also theweatherly.com), including the old Teligent data center and Verizon data center/cell site on the roof of the building. With multiple DS-3 connectivity and several 2.4, 5.2 and 5.8 Ghz nodes around the city, they also provide server co-location and web hosting. They are also the provider of the freely accessible hot spot that covers Waterfront Park.

      • Cerulic

        • Provider of 802.11b and BlueTooth access points in public buildings, airports, hotels and conference centers.

    • Washington, Tri-Cities
    • Washington, Vancouver


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