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[http://www.nodedb.com/ndbcom.dtd] NodeDB.com xml schema...


DonPark and AdamShand are thinking about ways to create a SQL (or maybe LDAP or XML or something) schema which a community wireless group can use as a universal data collection point. We're trying to catalog everything we can think of that a community wireless group would want to keep track of (yes we know we're doomed to failure :-).

  • Don, it occurred to me that it might be worth checking out the NoCatAuth SQL schema (etc/nocat.schema in the tarball), they had originally planned for it to be more then just the auth server. -- Adam. I looked it over. added bandwidth and date to Node. Created Network. added URLs and password to User. (8Jun) -- DonPark

    How would the local *Cat box regulate bandwidth to the user? Would the local *Cat box have a table with users and their respective classes (owner, member, guest, etc..), or would there be another table for that? Somehow we have to account for the bandwidth shaping aspect of things. We could add a field of Type STATUS, memberstatus (nodeOwner, fullMember, guest), and have the local node shape bandwidth for those values. Make sense? -- DanRichardson


  • User
    • varchar GUID (32,Key)
    • date created
    • date modified
    • varchar username (64)
    • varchar first_name (64)
    • varchar last_name (64)
    • varchar password (64)
    • Type ICQ, icq_id
    • Type Jabber, jabber_id
    • Type URL, homepage
    • Type URL, faceimage
    • Type Address, mailing
    • Type Login, last_login
    • varchar notes (5k)
  • Node
    • varchar GUID (32,Key)
    • date created
    • date modified
    • varchar name (128)
    • Type Antenna, antenna_type
    • Type Direction antenna_pointing_direction
    • int power_output
    • int kbits_second
    • Type Address, antenna_address
    • Type GPS, antenna_gps
    • Type Affiliated group [n]
    • Type User, Owner [n]
    • Type User, Administrator [n]
    • varchar notes (5k)
    • Type URL, description
    • Type URL, login_help
  • GPS Loc
    • float lat
    • float long
    • float altitude
  • Network
    • GUID varchar(32,Key)
    • date created
    • date modified
    • name varchar(128)

System for getting at the data

  • XML-RPC interface
  • xmlrpc.personaltelco.net:3322
  • inserts
  • updates
  • queries
    • Q: <nodequery sql="select * where name=\"PCHS\" " />

    • A: <node> <name>PCHS</name> </node> ...


  • PHP page talking to a MySQL server

[http://www.nodedb.com/ndbcom.dtd] NodeDB.com xml schema...


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