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{{{ Relia-Wave 100mW PCMCIA Wireless Card - Prism 2.5

HostAP driver reports:

NIC: id=0x8003 v1.0.0

PRI: id=0x15 v0.3.0

STA: id=0x1e v0.8.3

On a Fujitsu Stylistic-1000 "ignore_cis_vcc=1" was needed for card to work. Against another 486DX4/100 running Orinoco Silver (orinoco_cs) we were able to reach 4100 Kbit/sec sustained throughput.

NB: This card is different from one being currently on the Demarc's site.

  • -- Theodor Milkov

Also, it is important to understand that the manufacturer of the cards Demarc sells does not agree with Demarc's specifications for the cards. According to the manufacturer, the receive sensitivity is 83db, NOT 93db. Zcomax makes the Demarc product.

Testing the cards demonstrates that Orinoco cards at 30mw are able to produce longer links than 200mw Demarc cards. The Demarc cards are loud, but deaf. }}}

Restored, but information may now be inaccurate. --AndrewWoods


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