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My homepage.
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I used to live in portland, and i'll contribute to this page once in awhile still. I've started my own wireless project down in ashland oregon however, called AwIp (Ashland's Wireless Internet Project). Following ptp and seattle wireless's example, i've created my own wiki. Sure simplifies even me getting content on there.

Debian is my operating system of choice, and probably a lot of my stuff will be slanted that way. I am also highly interested in sub-notebooks. Ultraportablity is great for WarWalking.

I used to like building my own AshlandWireless:PvcYagi antennas. But, cans work better/just as good, and are cheaper, and less time consuming.

I COULD put a picture of me here, but honestly, wouldn't you rather see my velcro setup with my IbmThinkpad X20 and my Superpass SPDG11F sector antenna, that I use with kismet?


My homepage.




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