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 * Take mega-hires group photo for PTP calendar (see ["Calendar2004"])  * Take mega-hi-res group photo for PTP calendar (see ["Calendar2004"])

Saturday December 13th BR Pot-Luck dinner 6pm BR at CapposCafe




Suggestions: garlic bread, grapes, cheese and crackers, baked beans, potatoe salad, orange slices, pizza, deviled eggs

    • Egg Nog - RobertPetersen, Rick Lindahl

    • Apple Cider
    • Juice
    • Various beverages provided by Cappo's
    • BYOB

Special Invite List:

  • General Mailing List
  • Each of the high-profile node owners
  • Eliza Earnshaw, Portland Buisness Journal
  • Molly Moore, Portland Business Alliance
  • SeattleWireless

During Party:

  • Take mega-hi-res group photo for PTP calendar (see ["Calendar2004"])

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