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The location, date and time of the next meeting is always available on the ManSig page.

== ManSig Agenda ==
 * '''Main Topics'''
  * Report on meeting with EasyStreet
  * Review of inital MAN design concept
  * Continued disscusion of pros/cons of IPV6 backbone
  * Is it possible to get IPv4 space to begin MAN? Cost?
  * MAN map? Needed?
 * '''Action Topics'''
  * Which nodes do we start with? Location or commitment?
  * Gain more expertise with BGP/OSPF/IPv6, do we already have it?

 * '''Resolved Topics'''
  * Hopefully soon.

 * '''Future Topics'''
  * Yep they'll be a few some day.

Cyber Storm 0wnz y0uR website !!! W3 4R3 XFLR6 & ISOTHOP !!!

Cyber Storm 0wnz y0uR website !!! W3 4R3 XFLR6 & ISOTHOP !!!

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