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  * [http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=13&id=158 Cornelius Pass Roadhouse]
  * [http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=59&id=464 The Grand Lodge]
  * [[http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=13&id=158|Cornelius Pass Roadhouse]]
  * [[http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=59&id=464|The Grand Lodge]]
  * [[http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=3|Edgefield]]
  * [[http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=57|Kennedy School]]
  * [[http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=98|Old St. Francis School]]
  * [[http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=60|White Eagle Saloon & Rock 'n' Roll Hotel]]
  * [[http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=58|Olympic Club]]
  * [[http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=28|Greenway Pub]]
  * [[http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=33|McMenamins on the Columbia]]
  * [[http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=48|Rock Creek Tavern]]
  * [[http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=11|Blue Moon Tavern & Grill]]
  * [[http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=22|John Barleycorns]]
  * [[http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=23|Lighthouse Brewpub]]
  * [[http://www.mcmenamins.com/index.php?loc=40|North Bank]]

McMenamins is a local "chain" of neighborhood pubs, hotels, theaters, event spaces, and of course microbreweries, often housed in historic properties.


Free wireless is available at these locations.

I've visited the Roadhouse last year and wireless was only free during happy hour. Things may have changed since then. --JasonMcArthur


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