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 * JoeMcCan does introductions  * JoeMcCann does introductions

Location: UrbanGrindBR Date and Time: April 26, 2006 6:30pmBR Scribe: CalebPhillips BR


  • Documentation update (slides) using in-meeting PaperWiki

    • Neighborhood Lan Howto
    • Troubleshooting Flowchart
    • Support Contact Sheet
  • Hollywood Node relocation update
  • Mt Tabor Node update (photo gallery)
  • CityRepair Brian, SE 12th and Market Node Update, Call for Volunteers (photo gallery)

  • August Field Day activity proposal
  • Education Committee: PTPHandbook Progress?
  • Finance Committee: Troy's update. Taxes 2005


  • DonPark starts things off with normal stuff and a statement of agenda

  • JoeMcCann does introductions

  • DonPark talks about documentation

  • RussellSenior talks about NodeHollywood

    • Things moving foward, recently tested coverage in the library with prototypical gear. Result is good.
  • People flail around with the technology trying to make the big plasma screen useful for showing photos.
  • Technorogy mystery is solved and we look at some pictures of the MtTabor node possibility and the new Lucky Lab location.

  • Announce the new AnnaBannanas Node in St. Johns going in soon.

  • RussellSenior talks about his wacky ideas for FieldDayAugust2006

  • A little talk about elections and memebership.
  • Talk about the PTPU DVD a little bit. TomHiggins, hello? Suggestion of filming the field-day for the PTPU DVD

  • Updates on Mississippi, a couple new roofs will be added soon, the Grant period is ending
  • TroyJaqua does Finance report.

    • Taxes filed.
    • Want to do a hardware audit.


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