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 * Elections at July meeting, must be PTP
 * We should have a privacy policy/page, and also security page. Should be vetted by "lawyer". Possibly blanket statement on liability/warranty?

Location: NodeLuckyLab
Date and Time: Wednesday, April 26, 2017, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Scribe: You
Roll Call: RussellSenior,TomasKuchta,SteveTree,JasonBergstrom,TedBrunner,MatthewKlug


  • Node notes:
    • NodeGriswold -- Ted and Russell finished installing the node on Sunday, mostly fine tuning things, crimping a few cables, fixing one keystone termination, and general testing and checkout. Russell returned the next evening to help the node hosts get their printer working on the new network. Russell has drafted some connection tips for the ADU residents.

    • NodePotatoChampion -- got another call about trouble, Russell going to go try to replace Buffalo on Tuesday. WZR600DHP bug, involving LAN ports plugged during boot. See https://bugs.lede-project.org/index.php?do=details&task_id=737

    • NodeLutz -- MatthewKlug stopped by, someone asked for a MAC address to be pre-auth'd, which Russell did.

    • NodeGooseHollow -- Russell got a reply regarding the last ethernet run.

    • NodeCedarHillsCrossing -- lost contact at about 8am on Tuesday, requested a reset.

    • NodeLionsEye -- maybe an MR24 candidate?

  • Contacted regarding possible help for an event at Pioneer Courthouse Square during Memorial Day Weekend, involving VR demonstration, Russell provided some advice.
  • Collaboration with FuTel, they are looking for routers for use in their free public telephone installations, Russell has offered some of Personal Telco's Ubiquiti AirRouters. Memory limitations make them unsuitable for modern gateways, they have been recovered from some installations such as NodeGooseHollow and NodeBobWhite. Futel had been using WRT54G's. BenjaminFoote let us know FuTel was looking. Found the three from NodeGooseHollow, not the ones from NodeBobWhite, basement pretty well scoured, not sure where they got to.


  • NodeNotes

    • NodeGriswold - Completed Monday night (printer issue).

      • Ted needs to communicate usage details
    • NodePotatoChampion - Red light flashing on Buffalo, reboot loop. Buffalo nodes with ethernet on lan port is issue. Appeared July11-Aug11 last year (~36 patches). Workaround is to boot without lan cable.

    • NodeLutz - whitelist MAC address for pink iPhone serving music/Pandora

      • ?Add button to splash page to support auto-whitelisting
        • sponsor node to remove splash page?
        • issue with IP range consumption
    • NodeGooseHollow - discussion about adding AP, Jason Clark is contact to drill hole, ceiling or wall?

      • money for previous hardware installs should be in mailbox.
    • NodeCedarHillsCrossing - power-cycle without Integra contact

    • NodeLionsEye - replace with Meraki MR24, is JMC there?

  • VR demo at Pioneer Courthouse Square, discussion about increased bandwidth for a month
  • FuTel - Ubiquiti AirRouters from NodeGooseHollow, not sure about NodeBobWhite HW (never deinstalled), also opportunity to pull NodeFirstUnitarian nodes?

  • CT12 due May 15 - ~$80
  • Also need to pay for postoffice box
  • Elections at July meeting, must be PTP
  • We should have a privacy policy/page, and also security page. Should be vetted by "lawyer". Possibly blanket statement on liability/warranty?


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