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The August Meeting was held August 28th at 6:30pm at the LuckyLab Tavern. This was the first meeting at this location, and there was plenty of elbow room for the 50+ people that showed up. There wasn't any Internet access, and the room acoustics were a bit echoey, but the beer and pizza were great.

Wow, there were Warchalking kits at the meeting! Kits consisted of 35mm film canisters with PTP sticker on the outside and chalk on the inside. See http://www.warchalking.org/

Someone brought the clip of KGW TV's story about the T-mobile-Starbucks vs. PTP PioneerSquare nodes. See the 19 August 2002 PressCoverage. The group noted that T-mobile has since moved off of channel 1 and will be more careful about stepping on existing toes in future installations.

DonPark showed off his quickly advancing ApRadar software. Nice GUI wifi management utility for Linux. Cool!

AdamShand gave a speech noting the diverging general goals of various wireless groups. He warned that big-corporate wifi efforts are quickly converging, and they may become more prevalent if the community groups aren't focused on the important wifi distribution challenges.

Adam requested suggestions for SmallHardware that would be similar to the CloneArmy boxes (small and able to run Debian Linux with NoCatAuth), that have no moving parts (low power, quiet and reliable), and can be purchased in quantity for under $200 each (abundant and affordable). Anybody know of hardware like that?

There was some discussion about the migration to the new node mapping system at http://nodedb.com .

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