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 * $20k grant to pay part time PTP member plus americorps volunteer

Location: UrbanGrindBR Date and Time: August 30, 2006 6:30pmBR Scribe:


  • Introductions
  • FieldDay2006

  • talk about the MerakiMini as a PTP hardware option

  • Education Committee: Caleb is in Japan
  • Mississippi update
  • Increasing Volunteerism
    • Hands-On Portland
    • Americorps
    • Non-discrimination policy (needed for many volunteer partnerships)
  • Finance Committee: Troy's update.


  • Introductions...
  • Current Members introduce themselves as well to provide parity.
  • FieldDay2006 - DonPark gives a redaction of the recent Field Day.

    • Inspired by HAM Radio Field Days to do Emergency Prep and play with gear.
    • Four participants, car battery powered hardware on CouncilCrest and MountTabor.

    • 6 mile connection, setup in about 30 minutes, made Skype call over connection.
    • Next goal is to create a couple permanent long shots (Mississippi to Pittock is on the table).
    • Meant to coordinate with SeattleWireless Field Day, but then SW changed their date, so we'll do another in October to coincide with theirs.

  • MerakiMini

    • Meraki offered PTP the opportunity to purchase their mini Roofnet platform before general public sales, but they want us to use their management service. The MerakiMini will be available without the service plan after the beta period. It is the general consensus that the service plan is unnecessary, but the hardware alone may be worth the bundled price.

    • PTP should acquire a few MerakiMinis to compare them to the WGT and compare Roofnet to the OLSR setup that is running in the ArborLodge area.

  • It is resolved that Caleb is in Japan, and we are jealous of him. Caleb is working on the PTP DVD.
  • Increasing volunteerism; Mike says we need more opportunity for others to help. balance between talking and doing. HandsOnPortland volunteer aggregator, mike has started the paperwork. they need incorporation papers. write nondiscrimination policy. AmeriCorps JenSedell program director, oregon state service corps. direct service work, human service needs, public safety, etc.. Sponsor an Americorp member $5800(full time)/$3500(part time). Administered through the american red cross. would happen in 07/08. need committed site supervisor and physical space. alternate program: Vista focused on fundraising, grant writing. americorp matches cash, training, and structure for volunteer.

  • $20k grant to pay part time PTP member plus americorps volunteer

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