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'''Roll Call:''' RussellSenior,TedBrunner,JasonBergstrom,SteveTree,MatthewKlug<<BR>> '''Roll Call:''' RussellSenior,TedBrunner,JasonBergstrom,SteveTree,MatthewKlug,BenFoote<<BR>>

Location: NodeLuckyLab
Date and Time: Wednesday, August 30, 2017, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Scribe: You
Roll Call: RussellSenior,TedBrunner,JasonBergstrom,SteveTree,MatthewKlug,BenFoote


  • Node notes:
    • NodeEdison -- gear ordered, two NSM2, one NSM5, three mounting brackets, on PTP credit card after approval from VZA.

    • NodeMoreRerun -- waiting for an opportune moment to install

  • AnnualBoardMeeting2017 is scheduled for the second Wednesday of September at NodeWorldCup, Steve has reserved the room.

  • BenjaminFoote is going to help get the git tree for the ptp-api squared away

  • Knod has been backed up, KeeganQuinn is threatening to dist-upgrade with reboots soonish, JasonMcArthur has been warned, hopefully the wiki will be available during the meeting.

  • Lewis and Clark has called, I have heard nothing from Christopher Mitchell, probable means that is stalled/dead for now.
  • Tomas drove out to deep SW over the weekend and snagged a piece of equipment we were offered. Russell has a hard time turning down offered equipment.
  • Seek letters of support for Pioneer Courthouse Square cooperation, Russell has not seen a reply to his recent query of Square management.
  • <add your item>


  • None Yet


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