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 * Present SteveTree with raffle prize from last week

Location: NodeLuckyLab
Date and Time: Wednesday, January 29, 2014, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Scribe: You
Roll Call: Them


  • Node News
    • New node(s) coming
    • NodeLuckyLab ethernet problems, outage/fixage

    • NodeKnow problems

      • DSL outage or just degraded performance, maybe heat related, maybe power related, report was slowness begins at the end of the day, monitoring bandwidth now, has not recurred yet.
      • 2.4GHz wireless stops working for second time, wifi restart seems to correct, wtf?
    • NodePioneerSquare outage/fixage

    • NodeSoapbox user complaint, cares about getting but not enough to actually help

    • NodeArborLodge status, updated splash page with count-down information, other action-inducing ideas? intentional outage? other ideas?

  • A few nodes owe us money for hardware, mostly haven't been invoiced yet (NodeSunflower $70, NodeKnow $70, NodePotatoChampion $80, Russell owns PTP $70)

  • Server donations
  • Status of PDX.EDU hosting
  • PSAS doing some dx-wifi testing, Russell offers to help
  • Present SteveTree with raffle prize from last week

  • <your agenda item here>


  • None Yet


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