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RoseAndRaindrop : 24th July 2001BR Scribe: LonnieWormleyBR

Focus Meeting

  • General network discussions

General Meeting

SpecialInterestGroup (SIG) organization BR

  • Each SIG will do documentationBR

  • All SIGs will meet independently and meet as a group at the regularly once a month.BR

  • Each meeting will plan their own agenda.BR

  • All heads announce to list about your SIGBR

AccessPointSig BR

ManSig Metropolitan Area Network BR

UserNodeSig BR

  • MembersBR

    • Lonnie - chairpersonBR

  • ProjectsBR

    • How do you get users connected to a node.BR

    • Node antennaBR

    • Document the processBR

Portal software BR

NonTechnical BR

  • ProjectsBR

    • T-ShirtsBR

PublicRelations group BR

  • MembersBR

  • ProjectsBR

  • Document the processBR

Buy the gear and make it work BR

  • Use standard componentsBR

  • Then try to make the stuff work on LinuxBR

Do not segment the email list BR

  • Let the list be the common voiceBR

  • Face to face meetings will be where things get done.BR

  • Post all questions to the mailing listBR

  • If you get answer and put it on the wikiBR

Ralph Nader This project will try to work with getting wireless access inside the Rose Garden for the FreeGeek table.


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