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Location: JaxBar, 826 SW 2nd Avenue
Date and Time: Wednesday, July 30, 2008, 6:30-8:00 pm
Scribe: MichaelWeinberg
Roll Call: RussellSenior, SamChurchill, SaraHonsberger, TroyJaqua, CalebPhillips, DonPark, SethShikora, TylerBooth, SteveTree


  • AnnualMembersMeeting2008 election of two BoardOfDirectors members

  • Node notes (RussellSenior):

    • NodeDittos has been down for a month

    • NodeCoffeeHouseFive is up

    • NodePeninsulaPark recently discovered

    • NodeGrandCentral needs help (maybe a 900 MHz backhaul?)

    • NodeConcordia contact made, someone from PSU helped him set it up, I left a card in case he needs help in the future.

    • NodeMoonlight could probably use a new access point for outdoor coverage, maybe the 400mW engenius that is sitting on my floor.

    • NodeHotPepper wants a rooftop node, will fund (Russell thinking a NanoStation2 with a 9dBi omni), just need helpers.

    • WifiDog gateway software seems to have troubles, but not fully characterized yet, help needed.

    • A bunch of (maybe half-a-dozen) potential new nodes, we could use help with.
  • CalebPhillips gives a talk on his work on modeling environmental effects on antenna directionality.

  • MichaelWeinberg visited Ashland to learn about their fiber network. He'll share what he learned.

    • Also on the fiber point. There's some movement on Community owned (truly owned!) fiber. Thoughts on doing this in Portland.


  • Elections:
  • Node notes:
    • Russell provided NodeDittos a Buffalo to replace a dying NuCAB about a year ago. Dittos never paid Russell for it, but he figured that it was okay. Recently they are offline and the phoneline is now disconnected. Russell would like to get the Buffalo back for repurposing, if they are truly closing.

    • NodeCoffeeHouseFive is a new node on 740 N. Killingsworth.

    • There is a new node, NodePeninsulaPark, on N. Albina Ave. that Russell recently discovered during a stumble.

    • NodeGrandCentral has been taken offline by vicious leaf growth that impedes the signal from the Mississippi Commons.

      • One option would be to install some 900MHz gear that is relatively blasé when it comes to leaf-interference.
    • NodeConcordia is a rooftop node that Jimmy of DrunkHobo.com helped setup. Apparently it's been around for awhile. Russell left a card in case they need help. Russell suspects that the antenna may be a bit too high for good ground level coverage.

    • NodeMoonlight would benefit from a stronger radio. Perhaps a NanoStation2.

    • NodeHotPepper would like some roof gear to expand their coverage.

    • Russell is still trying to diagnose the WifiDog issues that have been reported via Twitter regarding a number of nodes.

      • Tyler and Russell debate potential causes of the Fail.
    • At the MississippiStreetFair we received interest from potential new nodes.

  • Caleb presents the slideshow available here: http://personaltelco.net/~caleb/pubs/ptp-200807.pdf

  • MichaelWeinberg went to Ashland to learn about the Ashland Fiber Network, a decade-old municipal fiber project that provides much of the Internet Access for the city of Ashland.

    • Their network is a HFC network: fiber to the node and copper to the premises. Unlike the incumbent cable provider, Charter, which has upwards of 1000 customers per node, the AFN serves no more than 300 per node, which gives it a theoretical advantage in terms of quality of service and available bandwidth.
    • FTTP is available on demand.
    • Current service offerings range from 256k/256k to 10M/10M. Currently 7 ISPs sell the service.
    • All IP bandwidth is owned by the AFN, and ISPs resell this bandwidth, adding email and other services. Customer service and billing is handled by the ISP. As such, ISP partners of the AFN are essentially resellers of AFN service, rather than the model of ISPs selling their own service over a common infrastructure.


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