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 * Schedule SkyPilot take apart party (with Ted and Jason).  * Schedule SkyPilot take apart party (with Ted and Jason). Maybe two weeks out?
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  * Discussion about expanding the board by 1 or 2 members.   * Discussion about expanding the board by 1 or 2 members (DavidSchor maybe MaryBethHenry).
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Location: NodeLuckyLab
Date and Time: Wednesday, July 27, 2016, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Scribe: JasonBergstrom
Roll Call: RussellSenior,TedBrunner,MatthewKlug,SteveTree,JasonBergstrom,MichaelRasmussen


  • Annual Members Meeting:
    • Members will be electing two Board of Directors positions, currently held by RussellSenior and TedBrunner.

    • Members must be inducted by the MonthlyMeeting in June to be eligible to vote in the election.

  • Regular Monthly Meeting:
    • Node notes:
      • NodeMississippi -- last Friday, Russell stopped by the house where metrix-west lives and spoke to the residents. Problem is currently a washer/dryer got installed and we are short an outlet. I left a card. Needs followup.

      • NodeSunflower -- DSL outage, apparently due to a failing DSL modem. Russell installed a new one today, out of a box in his basement, an Actiontec something or other, in like-new condition.

      • NodeArborLodge -- we have lost another sponsor, so we are down to two, should brainstorm ways of encouraging new sponsors. Also noticed tonight that the SkyGateway is still up at Aaron Baer's old house, maybe should try contacting them to see if they want to replace it with a SkyExtenderDualBand or take it down.

      • NodeHawthorne -- should probably be decommissioned, or at least annotated with its downage status (related to possible pledge drive for Arbor Lodge).

    • Metro Metals check for $57 (from May) has been deposited.
    • Check from Seattle Foundation for $250 is lost in a box in my house, was contacted by the grant administrator and asked for another check to be sent, will destroy the first if found.
    • We should schedule another SkyPilot take apart work party soon? Think about dates!

    • IRS 990N problem
    • Domain registration (personaltelco.org) renewal soon
    • Corporate renewal due soon
    • Google AdSense money ($214.67) outstanding, we no longer have login information for the account.


  • Node Notes
    • NodeMississippi, metrix-west has no power due to new laundry config. Russell will need to talk to the husband.

    • NodeSunflower (~33rd and Salmon) had a DSL modem that failed, Russell had one in his basement (was Spiretech now CenturyLink under Dish contract).

    • NodeArborLodge Russell tried to negotiate the next payment collection, found out Amanda has moved to Canada (with Russell's AirRouter).

      • Sky Gateway is still up at Aaron Baer's old house, but now there are two paying customers (so $30 apiece) plus many free riders.
    • NodeHawthorne has an Alix and a Bullet without upstream, but likely still live (either collect HW or seek sponsor).

  • Seattle Foundation check recut, first will be destroyed if found.
  • Schedule SkyPilot take apart party (with Ted and Jason). Maybe two weeks out?

  • LEDE added another architecture Marraci. Russell ordered an MR24 from Ebay got an MR14 shipped instead.
  • At Postoffice, found CT12 and Corporate renewal (needs $50).
  • AdSense $214.67 from class action resolution. Russell is trying to set up a new account to transfer the money into (as no login is known for old account).

  • Annual members meeting


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