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'''Roll Call:''' Them<<BR>> '''Roll Call:''' RussellSenior,TomasKuchta,JasonBergstrom,MatthewKlug<<BR>>

Location: NodeLuckyLab and Jitsi
Date and Time: Wednesday, June 30, 2021, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Scribe: You
Roll Call: RussellSenior,TomasKuchta,JasonBergstrom,MatthewKlug


  • Node notes:
    • NodeCastle lat/lon's zeroed out for now, which should remove it from the map

    • NodeWygant, NodeSechzig, and NodeMohawk are due to be decommissioned, NodeWygant is already offline. Other VZA nodes (Wiline backhauled nodes, in particular) are due to continue.

    • NodeC3PO -- outage over the heatwave, weirdly, i can see hose, but not jet, but jet literally powers hose, so hard to see how hose is on but not jet.

  • Memory replacement on Ubiquiti Bullet M5 initially successful, but seeing some memory errors after 15m-to-an-hour, checked for shorts, but didn't find any ... maybe bad part?
  • New battery ordered for Dell PERC 5/i
  • Upcoming weekend work?
  • Pick location for the next weekly
  • Your Item Here


  • None Yet


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