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October 28th, 2003: November 19th, 2003:

Welcome to the Personal Telco's Monthly Meeting Wednesday Novemberer 19th @ Urban Grind Coffee

  • 6:00PM - Introduction to Personal Telco for new comers
  • 6:30PM - Meeting begins
  • DarrinEden is the group director

Internet Simulcast Information

The IRC channel for the meeting is on server irc.freenode.net at channel #ptp.

The Photos of the meeting are [http://www.personaltelco.net/gallery/view_album.php?set_albumName=October-2003 on the PTP Photo Gallery]

This meetings audio is being broadcast by KeeganQuinn with [http://thebasement.org/ The Basement Productions]. Streaming server URL: http://personaltelco.net:8000/status.xsl BR The streaming server hosts a constant looping broadcast of the most recent meeting, and live audio when meetings are in progress. The streams are in a somewhat new format called [http://www.vorbis.com/ Ogg Vorbis] - some information about compatible players is available [http://thebasement.org/sound/vorbis_info here].

Recordings of past meetings are archived: http://ptp.thebasement.org/meetings/


November 19th, 2003:

6:00 pm:


PTP Net:

Other New business:

- notes by Sam Churchill, Oct 28th, 2003

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