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'''Roll Call:''' MatthewKlug, RussellSenior, TedBrunner, Connor??, KeeganQuinn<<BR>> '''Roll Call:''' MatthewKlug, RussellSenior, TedBrunner, ConnorScott, KeeganQuinn<<BR>>

Location: NodeLuckyLab
Date and Time: Wednesday, November 28, 2012, 6:30-8:00 p.m.
Scribe: RussellSenior
Roll Call: MatthewKlug, RussellSenior, TedBrunner, ConnorScott, KeeganQuinn


  • Take note of the 12th anniversary of the launch of PTP

  • New nodes coming
  • Tupelo Alley roof is off, at least unless we can find out why not and solve the problem.
  • New firmware is rolling out (AcctonCabs and WgtCabs have been updated to r34240, Alix and SoekrisCab's are coming soon)

  • Moving monitoring database to server#3 (red), ironing out slowness in MySql updates

  • Need a lighter weight captive portal, maybe Lua-based?
  • Implications of IPv6 deployment, for blocking abusers, etc.
  • Serval Project phone purchase waiting for an attractively priced option.
  • <add-your-item-here>


  • You guys are amazing, every time I read something new about Personal Telco and the work you guys are doing, I am both proud and inspired. So very happy that you have all kept PTP alive and well after all these years. Twelve years?! I was only there for the first 2.5 ... you guys rock, keep kicking ass. -- AdamShand

  • Talked about all the stuff on the agenda and more, e.g.:
    • Connor is interested in setting up a mesh at his condo complex, has roof access as well
    • Tentatively planning a PlayDay (flashing mesh nodes) in January at NodeWorldCup or nearby

    • MatthewKlug wants to bolt some radios to the exterior of NodeSlabtown

    • We discussed buying some more Ubiquiti Bullets to have on hand, Keegan supported the idea, maybe 3x M2HPs and 3x M5HPs
    • <other-stuff-i-am-forgetting-now>


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