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  * Emergency alert sent via specail nodes   * Emergency alert sent via special nodes

Location: NodeUrbanGrindBR Date and Time: Wednesday, October 24, 2007, 6:30-8:00pm BR Scribe: RussellSeniorBR Roll Call: SamChurchill, TomFitz, RussellSenior, MichaelWeinberg, MartinSochrman, DonPark, RickLindahl, BruceVirell, PaulLeddyBR


  • Node notes
  • Project ideas
  • City Letter of Support
  • RickLindahl on Muniwireless Convention

  • Consume super-delicious mexican chocolate cake from NodeCrema


  • MichaelWeinberg does introductions

  • Russell tediously discusses node operations
    • NodeCommunitecture

      • mentions the soekris reflash today
      • mentions the outage repair
    • NodeMississippi

      • mentions the outage
      • mentions the presentation to the BoiseNeighborhoodAssociation and followup article for BoiseVoice, pleas for involvement:

        • yourselves
        • your ideas
        • your roofs
        • your bandwidth
        • your money
      • desire to do some workshops, hand out some missnet gear
    • NodeDittos

      • wires crossed
    • NodeCrema

      • not being able to connect normally, ideas for replacing gear
    • NodeLabarre

      • stalled, gear ready to go, node host hasn't signed off.
    • NodePowellsTech

      • flakey access point, replaced with Buffalo WHR-HP-G54
    • NodeWestover

      • restored WDS, removing one failed device and reconfiguring
      • mention marshmallow ooze
  • Russell mentions the hardware grant idea
  • Mike talks about project ideas
    • Tsunami alert
    • Emergency alert sent via special nodes
    • Office space
      • lincoln tower (virtual office space) barter?
    • Education
      • DVDu
      • Rick mentions providing end-user help to connect to neighborhood wireless
      • Lots of positive response to ideas for short video content, followup to follow
    • TomFitz talks about a Rockwood network, Russell encourages him to do it.

  • Eat delicious cake
  • Rick talks about interactions at MW'07.


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