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== Discussion == == News ==
 * <<Date(2008-04-18T12:01:06-0700)>> - [[http://www.pcworld.com/businesscenter/article/144682/isps_meddled_with_their_customers_web_traffic_study_finds.html|Study confirms small ISPs, such as MetroFi, meddle with web traffic]]


MetroFi is a Mountain View, California based company that won the City of Portland Unwire Portland RFP. Their service in Portland has been criticized, and they have hit some road bumps with other cities where contracts fell through. They claim to serve a handful of cities, currently, with aggregate populations of over 1.1 million, half of which live in Portland.

Denise Graab was Director of Public Relations & Marcom for MetroFi until November-ish, 2007. Some Personal Telco Members have taken issue with the tone and substance of MetroFi's communications.

/!\ Personal Telco Project is NOT Metrofi. Please email Metrofi at supportfree@metrofi.com for help using their network.

Please see the links on the top-right for per-locale discussion and documentation of MetroFi's "deployments".


* Where's My Free Wi-Fi?Why municipal wireless networks have been such a flop.

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